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Polyester Fabrics

Since we started the polyester woven fabric business in 1981,
we have established the integrated production system covering from
yarn production - weaving –fabric finishing.

We are leading the domestic textile business by developing various new textile products
and thorough quality inspection as the best textile company in KOREA.

We are producing about 5 million yards per month of 100% polyester fabrics
and selling to over 30 countries in the world by our own brand name of "AceTex".

1. PEACH SKIN FABRIC From the weaving process, two different potential contraction types of yarn are processed with air-interlacing processing to make one set of yarn, and then it is woven to dye. This would make the difference in contraction to bring the sense of touch as if the skin of peach is felt in this fiber that this is used in shirts, blouse, home-wear and others.

Item NO Item Yarn Width(inches) Weight(g/yd)
TW45321H ITALY P/SKIN FY135/108+PTY150/48 44/45 153
TW45341H PEACH GOSHIBO FY135/108+PTY150/48 44/45 190
TW45343H PEACH GOSHIBO FY135/108+PTY150/48 44/45 176

2. ROBE Robe fabrics are produced by many kinds of yarns like ITY (Interlace Textured Yarn), FDY Multi Yarn, FD (Full Dull), and TTD (Thick & Thin Dyeable). So you will feel the great drapery, dry touch and volume of these fabrics, and they are showing the soft & shiny finish surface effect by the post-processing technologies like EMBOSSING, CIRE. The Robe is a Plain or Dobby textile with white and cream color, and used for the man’s traditional wears in the Middle East Region. Moreover, This fabric can show various Stripe Designs by crossing two different yarns like SD ITY, FD ITY, and TBR Yarn.

Item NO Item Yarn Width(inches) Weight(g/yd)
TW4509 PEACH ROBE ITY135/108+ITY135/108 44/45 170
TW45086 TTD ROBE ITY135/108+TTD160/48,ITY135/108 44/45 169
TW45291C ROYAL TWILL ITY 135/108+ITY 135/108 44/45 153
TW4725 MIZZLON TTD 125/72+TTD125/60 44/45 156
TW4642 SHADOW PEACH ITY(FD)135/108+ITY160/108 44/45 173
TW2522 CHAMP ROBE ITY130/96+ITY160/108 44/45 192
TW2562 FD ROBE ITY(FD)130/96+ITY160/108 44/45 192
TW4646 B & D STRIPE ITY(FD)135/108+ITY160/108 44/45 170
TW4675 B & D CHAOS ITY135/108,ITY(FD)135/108 +TR160/108, FY75/72 44/45 164
TW5642 SHADOW PEACH ITY(FD)135/108+ITY160/108 58/60 236
TW6522 CHAMP ROBE ITY130/96+ITY160/108 58/60 249
TW6562 FD ROBE ITY(FD)130/96+ITY160/108 58/60 249

3. ABAYA The black colored fabric used for t  raditional women's wear in the middle-east countries. It's the formal black fabric developed by high technology in all process of spinning, weaving and finishing to eliminate the demerit of metallic luster and to realize depth of Pure-Black.

Item NO Item Yarn Width(inches) Weight(g/yd)
TB5011 WOOL CHIFFON ITY135/72+ITY135/72 58 170
TB60473 HI MULTI CHIFFON FY75/72+FY75/72 68 116
TB6077 WOOL PEACH ITY135/108+ITY135/108 68 217
TB6131 MARVIZET ITY135/72+ITY135/72 68 276
TB6133 NEW MARVIZET ITY135/72+ITY135/72 68 275
TB6173 LEXUS ITY135/72+ITY135/72 68 283
TB6311 CRYSTAL FY75/36+ FY150/96 68 224
TB6354 FURSAN FY150/96+ITY135/72 68 300
TB6416 NIDA TWILL PTY75/36+(PTY75/36)x2 68 214
TB6417 NIDA TWILL PTY75/36+(PTY75/36)x2 68 224
TB6423 HEAVY NIDA TWILL PTY100/48+(PTY75/36)x2 68 253
TB6411 HELWA FY100/48+FY100/48 68 233
TB6443 100D TWILL FY100/48+FY100/48 68 233