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LMF (Low Melting Fiber) low-melting-point fiber

LMF is an eco-friendly fiber that can substitute chemical adhesives.
LMF is a bi-component type which has lower melting points(110℃) than
regular polyester fiber(265 ℃) on its outer part(sheath) while keeping central part (core)
as regular polyester. Outer part (sheath) melts to play a role as an agent for thermal-bonding.

TKI is vertically integrated to produce polyester fiber with its own PTA facility,
that leads TKI to the better edge of price competiveness. Moreover, utilizing exiting facilities
could keep TKI as most efficient producer in terms of production cost.

LMF has diversified applications which include automotive materials
(engine hood · trunk · ceiling material, etc.), bedding & furniture
(such as mattress · sofa), together with hygiene products (diapers · sanitary pads).

LMF 제품규격
Melting Point Color Denier Length(mm)
110℃ White 2De, 4De, 6De 22, 28, 32, 38, 51, 64, 76
Black 4De 51
Brown 4De 51
180℃ White 4De 51
Black 4De 51