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Spun Yarn

1. ring Cotton spun yarn produced by the supreme raw cotton and the newest automatic facilities are proud of the best quality in the world.

Type Item Name ne Usage
RING 100% Cotton combed CM 20,30,40,50 Weave / Knit
100% Cotton combed Slub SCM 20,30,40
Cotton / Polyester(60:40) CP 20,30,40,50
Cotton / Polyester(60:40) Slub SCP 20,30,40
Acrylic / Polyester(65:35) AP 30,38
100% Acrylic AD(Semi-Dull) 52,64 (Nm)
AB(Bright) 25,32,52,66(Nm)

2. open-end

Type Item Name ne Usage
Open-end Cotton / Polyester (70:30) CP 5.5/8/10.5 Gloves

3. acryl By using Acrylic material made from Taekwang, worsted spun yarn is produced with lots of Nm, luster and shrinkage. We are proud of the best quality, quick and accurate products.

Type Item Luster Shrinkage Nm Usage
SD Semi-Dull Bulky 28, 32, 36, 37 Knit/Sweater/Sleeve/Weave
AK Regular 48, 52 Sweater/Weave
TD Bulky 40 Sweater/Sleeve
RBR Bright Regular 26 Sweater/Sleeve
SRB 52 Sleeve
SA Bright Bulky 26, 28 Blanket
KSD Semi-Dull Bulky 32 Boa
KB Bright Bulky 32  

4. Acrylic Blended yarn Taekawng Acryl blended yarn using acrylic, wool, polyester is produced in the various type of classifying with luster, ratio and Nm.

Acrylic Blended yarn
Type Item Luster Shrinkage Nm Usage
Acrylic/Wool A/W(50:50) Semi-Dull Bulky Regular 22, 50 Sweater/Weave
A/W(70:30) Semi-Dull Bulky Regular 26, 36, 50 Sweater/Weave
A/W(85:15) Semi-Dull Regular 34 Weave
A/W(90:10) Semi-Dull Bulky Regular 36 Knit/Sweater/Weave
Acrylic/Polyester A/P(White)(80:20) Semi-Dull Bulky 36 Knit/Sweater/Weave
Acrylic/Wool/Polyester A/P/W(60:30:10) Semi-Dull Bulky 36 Knit/Sweater/Weave
- If you want to discuss concrete explanation about spun yarn spec, please contact us.
   It can be possible to produce two types of 'Cone' or 'Hank'