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Acrylic fiber, well known as "ACEPORA" brand, is a main item having led Taekwang to the rapid
growth during the 1970s~1980s since we launched acrylic yarn spinning in 1963.

Taekwang has grown into a leading acrylic maker in Korea providing 65,000 tons of fiber
a year to our own spinning plant, domestic and overseas customers, and led
the development of Korean acrylic industry through steady expansion since we started
6 tons a day of production in Ulsan plant, cooperating with A.C.C. (American Cyanamid)
and Japan Exlan in April, 1967.

In addition, we completed vertical business integration ranging from petrochemical materials
to fiber and yarn by establishing propylene/acrylonitrile plant in 1997,
and intend to concentrate on the field of innovative basic materials and high-value-
added products, thereby making a new start as a worldwide comprehensive
acrylic manufacturer boosting competitiveness in terms of cost and quality

All Acrylic fiber of ACEPORA are certified by Oeko-Tex® Standard 100.

Type Luster Shrinkable Denier Remark
Flat Cross Section
(TOW / SF)
KS828A Semi dull N 3, 5, 7, 10,
15, 18, 25
For perfect artificial fur
(Hi-Pile, Boa-Pile)
KB828A Bright
KF828A Full dull
KSS828A Semi dull 25% 3, 5
KBS828A Bright
KFS828A Full dull
KSSH828A Semi dull 28%
KBSH828A Bright
KFSH828A Full dull
(TOW / SF)
F67 Semi dull N 1.5, 2 ㆍWorsted spinning
ㆍCotton/Woolen spinning
ㆍSemi-Worsted spinning
F87 Bright
Micro Denier
(TOW / SF)
F67 Semi dull N 0.9 ㆍCotton Spinning
ㆍFor Inner wear
F87 SK 25%
F87 Bright N
F87 SK 25%
(TOW / SF)
H6 Semi dull N 1.5, 3 ㆍWorsted spinning
ㆍCotton/Woolen spinning
ㆍSemi-Worsted spinning
ㆍMelange effect
H8 Bright
(TOW / SF)
F6 Semi dull N 1.2, 1.5, 2,
2.5, 3, 5,
7, 8, 10
ㆍWorsted spinning
ㆍCotton/Woolen spinning
ㆍSemi-Worsted spinning
ㆍO.E / MVS spinning
F6 SK 25%
F8 Bright N
F8 SK 25%

※ Cut length (mm)

- Square : 25, 28, 32, 38, 44, 51, 64, 76, 89, 102, 128, 152

- Variable : 64-76, 76-127, 102-127, 102-152, 110-140