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Propylene is one of the most important basic petrochemicals, which is used as
a raw material of polypropylene, acrylonitrile, octanol, acrylic acid and propylene oxide.

Taekwang established the propylene plant in April 1997. This propylene is used as
main raw material of our own acrylonitrile plant with the balance volume supplied
for both of domestic and overseas customers.

Taekwang introduced the most advanced production method of
dehydrogenation process, and now leading the global petrochemical industry
based on high level of productivity and stability in its manufacturing processes.

No Inspection Unit Specification
1 Hydrogen mol ppm 20 max
2 Ethane mol ppm 100 max
3 Ethylene mol ppm 10 max
4 Propane mol 0.5 % max
5 Methyl Acetylene mol ppm 5 max
6 Propadiene mol ppm 5 max
7 C4 Olefines mol ppm 5 max
8 Carbon Monoxide mol ppm 5 max
9 Carbon Dioxide mol ppm 5 max
10 Oxygen mol ppm 5 max
11 H2O mol ppm 2 max
12 Total Sulfur mol ppm 1 max
13 Acetylene mol ppm 5 max
14 Methanol mol ppm 5 max
15 Purity mol 99.5 % min