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Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide is a powerful oxidizing agent, which is relatively easy to handle.
Despite its power, H.O is natural metabolite of many organisms and has none of the problems
of gaseous release or chemical residues that are associated with other chemical oxidants.
When the job is done, it is converted into plain ordinary water and oxygen.

As an environmentally compatible bleaching agent, hydrogen peroxide is used to bleach
chemical and mechanical pulp and de-ink recycled paper. In addition to bleaching pulp and
paper, hydrogen peroxide is also used for bleaching textiles, pollution control,
and for manufacturing or processing foods, petrochemicals, consumers products
and more other various industries.

Taekwang Industrial Co., Ltd. established the hydrogen peroxide manufacturing plant
in May 2012. We, Taekwang Industrial Co., Ltd. ensuring for our competitiveness
to the market from the classic industries to developing industries like electronics, aerospace engineering and etc. by applying new and high purification technologies to our hydrogen peroxide manufacturing plant.

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아크릴로니트릴(Acrylonitrile) 정보
No Item Unit Specification
1 Assay wt% Min. 35.0
2 Free Acid, as H2SO4 ppm Max. 500
3 Evaporation Residue ppm Max. 1,000
4 Stability % Min. 98.0
5 pH - 3.0↓
6 Specific Gravity g/mL 1.12 ~ 1.14