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Domestic Sites

Setting the standard with the petrochemical industry’s finest technologies and largest business scale Taekwang Industrial has 10 domestic and overseas locations, and a research institute.

  • Petrochemical
  • Synthetic Fiber
  • Spinning
  • Fabric
  • Advanced Material
  • R&D
1. Taekwang Central Research Institute

Taekwang Industrial Co., Ltd has been leading the Korean textile industry for over half a century since its establishment. Its main research center was founded within the Daedeok Innopolis in 1994 to support its growth into a 21 century super company and a subsidiary research center was opened up in Ulsan in 2005 to set up a closely knit network with the manufacturing site heading towards a new goal in tomorrow’s petro-chemical and textile industry.

The research center is equipped with polymerization, spinning and processing facilities that range from lab to pilot test scale which enables consistent facilities for research development and mass production of the products. Further the center is equipped with the various latest analytical devices for accurate analysis in various stages of the studying. Taekwang is contributing to the development of corporate and national industries by researching the latest technology including development of the new synthetic fibers, high performance special materials and studying into the new materials synthesis along with the development of new materials.

  • Main Site
  • Address462-3 Jeonmin-dong, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Korea
  • Tel.+82-52-279-3506
  • Fax.+82-52-269-4587
  • Secondary Site
  • Address221 Seonam-dong, Nam-gu, Ulsan, Korea
  • Tel.+82-52-279-3506
  • Fax.+82-52-269-4587